Petershausen, 14th July 2019


Workflow in Design of Experiments (DoE) using an example from the paints and coatings industry

This document gives an overview of the workflow when doing a designed experiment with Cornerstone. DoE features of Cornerstone creating designs and for analyzing data from DoEs using regression analysis are shown. As an example, a spray application process from the coatings industries is used.

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Petershausen, 10th July 2019


History defines future progress

Dr. Ortloff discusses a measure by which the high-tech manufacturing industries can help shorten the development time of manufacturing technologies, make development more sustainable, save money and cushion the economic downturn by Covid-19. Much of what is needed to achieve this has already been learned and developed in previous crises. It is important to use this experience and to translate it into appropriate measures to meet the current challenges.

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Petershausen, 29th November 2019


30 Years of Digitalization

A leaf through the annals of camLine

1989 to 2019: Thirty years of moving history, for Germany, for the world and for camLine. For us Germans a very moving year came to an end with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. The spirit of optimism and the will to change could be felt everywhere, you imagined yourself at the beginning of a new age at that time!

1989 was also the year when camLine GmbH, based in Petershausen in northern Munich, was founded by Josef Bichlmeier and Karl Messer. The business purpose of camLine was—and still is after 30 years true: Computer-aided Manufacturing Line ("camLine") Solutions.

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30 years anniversary
Petershausen, 4th April 2019


camLine GmbH publishes new Cornerstone Use Case Example -- Balancing experimental designs having several block factors

Cornerstone experimental designs allow beside scaled and categorical factors also one block factor for which the number of runs per block is specified in advance by the user as a number bigger equal than 2. For most situations this functionality is totally sufficient. In case there is more than one factor for which the runs per level have to be balanced perfectly, a pathway to fulfill this requirement is given here.

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Petershausen, 7th February 2019


camLine GmbH publishes new Cornerstone Research Report -- Big Data Access and Analysis

As described in a previous research report: "Cornerstone Big Data Analysis through Apache Spark", the systematic analysis of ever-expanding data collections presents companies with ever-greater challenges. However, some of the know-how is simply missing in order to be able to carry out big data

projects successfully. Therefore one simply follows the current trends and buzz words and adopts

approaches which are currently en vogue. This approach often leads to less successful projects and

several regularly reoccurring patterns of misconceptions can be identified.

This research report highlights some of these unsuccessful patterns and introduces some of the

work done in the PRO-OPT SMART-DATA research project. The project experimented with various

approaches for the modeling of production data of an automotive supplier. One objective was to be

able to apply and compare statistically grounded analysis and classification procedures as well as new

procedures from the AI eco-system. Different tool stacks were used. This report focuses on Cornerstone’s direct access to Big Data databases.

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Petershausen, 21st December 2018


camLine GmbH publishes new XperiDesk Whitepaper -- Digital Engineering with XperiDesk

Technology development in many high tech industries like semiconductor, photovoltaic, and MEMS becomes more complex every day. At the same time, development cycles need to be shorter and shorter. Due to the required increase in speed, the question arises, how organizations can cope with this ever increasing pace and gain efficiency through digitization in engineering. Because after the general movement to digitize manufacturing the next logical step is to digitize engineering.

In this whitepaper, we describe an approach to take the next step to improve engineering efficiency. Intelligent usage of software allows efficiency gains by digitizing and automatizing several tasks traditionally performed manually by engineers. These gains are enabled by the virtualization of experiments through simulation and emulation and by the holistic collection and management of all information generated by virtual and physical experiments.

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Dresden, Germany, 1st October 2018


Cornerstone User Group Meeting 2018

The Cornerstone User Group Meeting started with the second part of the LineWorks SPACE to Cornerstone interface. camLine demonstrated Cornerstone’s capabilities for root-cause analyses. This was combined with the introduction of new Cornerstone 7.1 features, e.g., Multi-Vari and Multi-Category Chart.

The Heidelberger Druck presentation demonstrated a successful approach of Cornerstone how to derive a model for print head distance control. Multivariate methods and additional statistics were used to overcome the unsatisfactory variation of paper thickness.

Then, the User Group Meeting gave a brief introduction to the newly formed Operational Excellence Academy which will offer training and consulting services supplementing camLine’s software solutions.

Next, additional talks introduced upcoming new features and ideas for further developments of Cornerstone 7.2 and beyond. An open panel discussion made it possible that the audience could vote for and prioritize all presented features and add their personal ideas or other requirements.



Dresden, Germany, 1st October 2018


LineWorks SPACE User Group Meeting 2018

The LineWorks SPACE User Group Meeting 2018 was opened by Vishay’s presentation about their successful exchange of their legacy SPC system with LineWorks SPACE. The talk deepened various details about their journey and experiences when implementing a new infrastructure solution from scratch during a running production. Next, an overview about the new features of LineWorks SPACE 7.2 followed which was presented by camLine's SPACE Product Manager.


Then, we got an introduction to the benefits and usage of the LineWorks SPACE to Cornerstone interface. In a use case scenario, parameters of solar cells final test data were correlated with sensor data from the thin film deposition by the use of LineWorks SPACE. The further export of these data into camLine’s data analysis tool Cornerstone opened opportunities for efficient root-cause analyses.

The SPACE User Group Meeting was rounded-up by introducing the optional feature list for version 8 of LineWorks SPACE, giving the audience the opportunity to vote and prioritize.



LineWorks SPACE User Group Meeting
Dresden, Germany, 1st October 2018


camLine forum 2018 video:
Opening keynote speech by Bertrand Loy

The camLine forum started on the 19th of November with more than 100 attending customers from all over the world. 13 customers presented successful implementations about their most recent projects.

Watch the video recording of the opening keynote speech “Market Trends” by Bertrand Loy, President and CEO at Entegris Inc. USA.

Bertrand Loy Keynote Speaker Video

Bertrand Loy's speech was about Operational Excellence and how important it is to the development and growth of Entegris. He emphasized and showcased how camLine as a partner has been a key to their business success. This was not only enabled by the adoption of various modules from the LineWorks suite, but also the availability of project resources and consulting services provided by camLine’s global presence.

camLine forum 2018

After 2016, the biennial camLine forum 2018 was conducted for the second time in Dresden (Hilton Dresden). It was the most visited forum camLine ever had. Attendees came from organizations located all over Europe, Asia, and North America. Getting together in a pleasant atmosphere at the forum offered many opportunities to share experiences, exchange ideas and solutions, and to intensively network.

The key attractions of the event were customer talks about successful implementations of camLine's solutions in state-of-the-art high-tech and traditional manufacturing facilities and organizations. Best practices and experiences were presented and discussed to achieve operational excellence in various industries.

One major highlight was the keynote speech of the President and CEO of Entegris, USA, Bertrand Loy. His presentation emphasized the megatrends that are driving the semiconductor industry and thus the need to speed-up and apply greater rigor for quality assurance with the focus on manufacturing excellence. His audience got to know the requirements implied by the digital transformation across the supply chains and how the data explosion fuels the 4th industrial revolution. He pointed out that accurate and in time data collection, analyses, and deriving appropriate measures had become a necessity. These are already the driving forces of today’s competition and will continue to be the oil of the 21st century.

Further major topics were the demonstration of Recipe Management System usage in the Back End (BE) of a manufacturing and test department. Then, it was shown how data of the advanced SPC solution LineWorks SPACE can be leveraged to identify potential Six Sigma projects. Next, long term partner Continental Automotive presented SARA (Standard Automated Replenishment Application) which is a modern lean solution for more than 70 globally distributed production sites with the aim on JIT/JIS, i.e., much more efficient than Kanban. Its realization will grow with fleet management, geolocalization, integrated storage, and transportation systems. Finally, we learned about IoT and Smart Devices in production environments.



Munich, Germany and Villach, Austria 14th June 2018


Digital all-round: the European research project iDev40 focuses on networking – from the idea and concept to the consumer

The European research project iDev40 (Integrated Development 4.0) is launched today under the leadership of Infineon Austria. In this project, 38 partners from six countries will be involved in research on the smart networking of development and production processes for electronic components and systems. With a project volume of 47 million euros, iDev40 is among the biggest European research projects with a focus on digitization along the entire value chain and Industry 4.0.

Companies are facing the challenge of integrating all their processes in a globally networked, digital value chain. "Those who use the digitization in the right manner will make development, production and logistics faster, more flexible and more cost efficient ," said Jochen Hanebeck, Chief Operations Officer of Infineon Technologies AG. "iDev40 aims at automating highly complex processes through methods of artificial intelligence and to train our employees for the new tasks of the future. Thus, we boost the innovative strength and global competitiveness of the European electronics industry".

"Only by joining our forces, Europe will be a leading innovation and business region with micro- and nano-electronics as key enabling technology for many other innovative industries", said Sabine Herlitschka, CEO of Infineon Technologies Austria AG. Herlitschka opts for cross-border cooperation in research: "Infineon Austria contributes its know-how to the project as one of the strongest companies in terms of research and pioneer in Industry 4.0 in Austria. Infineon also contributes its experience as the coordinator of large-scale European research projects".


Digital all-round: knowledge, development and production

The European three-year research project focuses on three areas: secure data and knowledge management along the product life cycle, digital information flowand innovations in the supply chain. Intelligent data management provides secure access to information for people and systems. This makes it possible to deduce information and knowledge from huge amounts of data at high speeds. Development and production teams will be networked with each other, independent of their locations, and communicate in real time along the value chain. Processes can be virtually mapped by digital factory and product twins and can thus be simulated comprehensively. Artificial intelligence and machine learning play a central role in all of this.


An important research aspect of iDev40 is the continued development of jobs of the future, in terms of both new job profiles and the skills that are needed to interact with highly automated, complex systems.


Through this project over 15,000 jobs will be secured in the companies involved over the medium to long term. Together with partners along the entire value chain of electronic components and systems this extends to securing work for 50,000 employees globally.


Project launch with top-level participants from the whole of Europe

Top-level project partners attended the kick-off event of Infineon Austria in Villach. Funding agencies and politics were represented by Max Lemke (Head of Unit “Technologies and Systems for Digitising Industry”, European Commission, Directorate General CONNECT), Bert De Colvenaer (Executive Director ECSEL Joint Undertaking), Michael Wiesmüller (Head of Department of Information, Industrial Technologies and Space Travel of the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology – BMVIT), and Peter Kaiser (Governor of Carinthia) represented.


iDev40 is organized as a private-public partnership and as such set to drive the global competitiveness of the European microelectronics industry. It combines investments from industry, individual countries and ECSEL (Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership) Joint Undertaking. In addition to investments from industry, iDev40 is co-financed by funding from Austria (BMVIT), Belgium, Germany, Italy, Romania, Spain and the ECSEL Joint Undertaking.


38 project partners from six countries cooperate in iDev40

Austria: Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, AVL List GmbH, Infineon Technologies Austria AG, Infineon Technologies IT-Services GmbH, CISC Semiconductor GmbH, evolaris next level GmbH, KAI Kompetenzzentrum Automobil - und Industrieelektronik GmbH, Know Center GmbH, Kompetenzzentrum - Das Virtuelle Fahrzeug Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, TTTECH Computertechnik AG, Vienna University of Technology, Klagenfurt University

Belgium: Sirris, Yazzoom

Germany: camLine GmbH, eccenca GmbH, Elmos Semiconductor AG, FernUniversität Hagen, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and Device Technology, Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security GmbH, Dresden University of Applied Sciences, Zittau/Görlitz University, Infineon Technologies AG, Infineon Technologies Dresden GmbH, Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg, SYSTEMA GmbH, Dresden University of Technology, University of Siegen, University of Applied Sciences Zwickau

Italy: Infineon Technologies Italia S.r.l., University of Milan-Bicocca

Romania: Infineon Technologies Romania & CO SCS, Technical University of

Cluj-Napoca, University Politehnica of Bucharest

Spain: AKTING INGENIARITZA, SL, Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation, JEMA ENERGY S.A., IBERMATICA


Here you will be forwarded to the quotes of the press conference "iDev40", 14 June 2018


About Infineon Austria

Infineon Technologies Austria AG is a group company of Infineon Technologies AG, a leading global supplier for semiconductor solutions that make life easier,

safer and greener. Microelectronics from Infineon reduce the energy consumption of consumer electronics, domestic appliances and industrial systems. They make a major contribution to convenience, safety and sustainability of vehicles and make possible safe transactions in a networked world.


Infineon Austria is the only site besides Germany where the expertise in research & development, production and global business responsibility are pooled. The

company headquarters is in Villach, Carinthia; other sites are located in Graz, Klagenfurt, Linz and Vienna. The company achieved a turnover of € 2.5 billion in

the business year 2017 (as at 30 September) with a workforce of 3,785 people (1,547 of them in R&D) from some 60 nations. With its research expenditure of

428 million euros, Infineon Austria is one of the best industrial research performers in Austria.


For more information please see


Contact and further information

Infineon Technologies Austria AG, Communications

Mag. Alexandra Wachschütz

Phone: 051777-18169


Siemensstraße 2, 9500 Villach


Petershausen, 8th May 2018


camLine GmbH publishes new LineWorks SQM Whitepaper -- What's new in LineWorks SQM version 4.0?

Supplier Quality management (SQM) is an important part of the overall company quality strategy. It handles the quality of incoming materials as well as the suppliers of these materials. This Whitepaper gives a short overview of the tasks of SQM and how these tasks can be supported by software. Finally the new LineWorks SQM 4.0 software is introduced.

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Petershausen, 24th April 2018


camLine introduces version 7.1 of Cornerstone to the market

Novel engineering analytics for Lean Six Sigma

camLine GmbH, developer of software solutions for operational excellence, is introducing version 7.1 of Cornerstone. The new version of the engineering statistics solution for fast Design of Experiment and Data analytics introduces novel visualizations for even faster root-cause analysis and extended Big Data capabilities. Paired with various graphical improvements like alpha-blending, the newly offered methods and approaches extend the efficiency lead in engineering analytics. The capability spectrum of the software ranges from analytics application areas such as technical statistics, experimental planning (DoE) to explorative data analysis.

One major feature in Version 7.1 of Cornerstone is the novel visualization Multi-Category-Chart. This tool allows the simultaneous visual analysis of up to 100 categorical variables and provides the basis for a much more efficient root-cause analysis. Together with the new Multi-Vari-Charts the Six Sigma engineers receive tools to become much more effective in analyzing Big Data integrated via several new interfaces and methods. Improvements in the graphical representations through extended color palettes, true color support, anti-aliasing and alpha-blending foster the effectiveness in analyzing ever growing amounts of engineering data.

You can find more information about Cornerstone Version 7.1 here »

Petershausen, 23rd April 2018


camLine GmbH publishes new Cornerstone Research Report -- The Multi-Category-Chart

A Novel Tool for Exporatory Analysis of Categorical Data

Logistical data from industrial production processes spanning across many process steps or intermediate products contain a wealth of categorical variables. Each step or intermediate product adds his own data about used tools, consumables, materials, suppliers and operators to the process history of a complex product.

If downstream test data show a relevant discrete structure such as stratification into multiple groups, the task of root cause analysis is to find the few – ideally just one - categorical upstream variables that explain this structure best. In the simplest case this can be phrased as the question: “What do the bad units have in common that the good units do not have?”

This research report introduces a novel visualization called Multi-Category-Chart. It explains the motivation, compares it with other common visualizations and describes the benefits of the new approach.

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Petershausen, 15th March 2018


camLine GmbH publishes new Cornerstone Success story -- How Cornerstone contributes to leading edge yield

At a leading edge semiconductor Integrated Device Manufacturer (IDM) the department of product engineering widely uses the Cornerstone statistical software from camLine. Cornerstone provides statistical techniques, including DoE, regression, and multivariate analysis. Implementing an internal tool based on the Cornerstone Extension Language (CEL), the manufacturer analyzes yield, performs yield learning and characterizes products.

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Petershausen, 22nd February 2018


camLine GmbH publishes new Cornerstone Use Case example -- Non linear constraints in Cornerstone Design of Experiments

The constraint editor of Cornerstone Experimental Design only allows for linear constraints: the involved factors may get a pre factor (coefficient) and the resulting weighted sum can be constrained by a certain limit. General constraints involving nonlinear functions like log(), exp(), sin(), tan() and even simpler ones like the product of 2 factors are not supported by the editor.

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Petershausen, 8th of December 2017


camLine GmbH launches XperiDesk 5.4

Faster navigation through the experiment data cloud

camLine GmbH, developer of software solutions for manufacturing excellence, is launching XperiDesk (XD) 5.4. By streamlining existing and adding diverse functions, the new release strengthens XD’s leading position amoung Process Development Execution Systems (PDES).

The highlights of XD 5.4 enhancements immediately respond to current demands in the field: The users can use previous search results as selector for semantic relation searches, parameters can now be sorted into (multiple) directories and the manufacturability check evaluates calculated parameters. And last but not least, XD’s backend technology stack has been completely renewed giving it more performance, versatility and maintainability.

With the search result based relation searching, it has become much easier to iteratively sift through the experiment data. As previously the user can search for a set of items fulfilling his/her search criteria. On these results he/she can do a multi-select and based on the selected items start digging through the semantic experiment network. Because of this approach being able to be repeated, the user can easily navigate through the cloud of experiment results. Previously, this was only possible for a single item in the relation graph view. Another improvement is the extended functionality of sorting parameters into directories. This oftentimes requested feature improves the oversight in the previously flat parameter maintenance views and even allows to sort one parameter into multiple directories. This way it is easier to align people searching for a parameter from different perspectives. The manufacturability check has been extended as well. During the check in previous versions of the software, only the already flat numeric parameters were considered. With the extension in version 5.4, even parameters being calculated recursively out of other parameters are considered.

Other improvements are the seamless synchronization of Runs currently in production between the full and the operator client and the more versatile handling of regular expression handling in the MS Excel import client. Finally, it should be mentioned that XD 5.4 comes with various improvements with respect to performance and streamlining the user guidance and multi-organization usage. Throughout, camLine recommends the upgrade to XD 5.4 to existing customers.

Please find an introductory video about XperiDesk here.

Petershausen, 8th of December 2017


Opinion Piece: The Dream Manager -- facilitating the filling of engineering positions in the future

In the past engineering companies have battled and competed over product price, customer service, operational excellence, industry leadership, productivity and quality. While these factors will remain important in the future, many companies already have a new battleground to contend with – the battle for talent [1], [2].
This opinion piece investigates the impacts of these developments especially in the high tech engineering marketplace. It will indicate approaches to allow fostering employee development and to retain knowledge inside an organization. Finally ways to collaborate more successfully between different locations and organizations are discussed.

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Petershausen, 27th November 2017


Result Brochure Smart Data - Innovations from Data

an article by Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie

Presentation of the results of the projects and professional groups of the technology program "Smart Data - Innovations from Data".

Visit Bundestministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie to read the full article and to download the results brochure (only available in German).

Petershausen, 6th November 2017


Big Data Projects: Great Potential or Doomed to Failure?


An interesting blog article by the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering IESE with our Department Manager Dirk Ortloff.


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Petershausen, 24th October 2017


camLine releases LineWorks RM 6.1

Now available with fine grained control on parameter level


camLine, a software company specialized in developing solutions for manufacturing excellence, announced the new Release 6.1 of its LineWorks RM recipe management system. It is a connected, IT-based infrastructure solution for the production with the intention to provide the overall and clear evidence of entire manufacturing processes for their unambiguous identification. For comparison, the IDs of both, salable products and manufacturing equipment, can be captured in many different ways and without effort. However, the unique registration of the integrated manufacturing processes and their changes is a special challenge for production sites. It can have far-reaching consequences for the manufacturers with respect to their future competitiveness. The management of process changes and their traceability is associated with many business processes. A remarkable potential lies in their efficient rationalization to reduce manufacturing costs.

Advanced features in the area of parameters and recipe body management, recipe object visualization as well as validation are available in the release of version 6.1. Furthermore, improvements have been made to the user interface. With the newly introduced parameter tags and options, the user has evolved capabilities to classify parameters based on their usage. Additionally it is possible to store parameter options at parameter level. These options are name-value pairs (additional data) stored per parameter. It encapsulates user-defined flags / options that are further interpreted by the customer's EI (Equipment Integration).

Customer specific validation rules can be defined in the recipe object validators. Via the recipe object templates it is possible to enable the validations in a controlled manner. This ensures a gradual deployment of the new validations.

The new version offers a flexible and consistent user interface to setup the custom recipe object and recipe body visualizations.

The end-user will benefit from the single sign-on capabilities of the improved user interface.

Furthermore, the administration of the users and notifications are consolidated into a unified web-based user interface.


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15th September 2017

MES and more now with integrated FMEA

New partnership with iqs Software GmbH expands camLine’s portfolio with CAQ functions


IQS, a provider for complete CAQ systems, has signed a partnership with camLine as experienced supplier of software solutions for manufacturing excellence and active process control.

The combination of iqs CAQ document management with camLine’s modules is a further step towards a fully integrated IT infrastructure for powerful manufacturing operations. For example, it is now possible to provide inspection planning or capture feedback of complaints and errors in CAQ control loops and have them near real-time tracked by camLine’s MES. The implementation of even more efficient workflows help manufacturers achieve better manufacturing quality and efficiency to ultimately optimize their throughput and yield.

MES and more iqs
15. September 2017

camLine signed technology agreement as MES Software supplier

Ensure productivity, process traceability, and process security for the mass production of HJT PV cells and modules

camLine GmbH signed a technology agreement as MES software partner for a new Heterojunction (HJT) manufacturing line in Catania, Sicily.

The agreement implies the implementation of a track and trace system for the mass production of HJT PV cells and modules. camLine will provide essential quality manufacturing software solutions to assure quality and ensure productivity, process traceability, and process security. These key indicators are vital for product long life guarantees and allow continuous technological improvements.

This agreement is the continuation of previous projects with respect to a quality control system for the previous thin film line. After screening the market, camLine has been selected as the preferred software partner for the new line. The main reasons for the decision are in-depth capabilities with respect to the PV use-case, comprehensive process knowledge integrated in the camLine LineWorks suite and specific quality analytics.

camLine’s MES helps improve end product and process yield. This is possible due to the modular design approach of the LineWorks suite that supports the required flexibility, remote operability, and individual reporting composability for the end-users. camLine also convinced with other criteria, e.g. know-how in equipment integration or available remote support services.

MES and more
16st of August 2017

camLine GmbH publishes new Cornerstone Whitepaper -- Variant minimizing Designs

The cost for the runs of a design is dominated by a subset of factors. In this whitepaper an example with  7 factors is considered with 4 factors which account for most of the costs / efforts. Typical situations are factors which need to be made by prototype manufacturing whereas the other factors are different settings the hardware variants are used in.

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Variant Minimizing
31st of May 2017

camLine GmbH publishes new Cornerstone Whitepaper -- Configurations for D-optimal Designs

The construction of D-optimal designs relies on a iterative algorithm which uses a list of settings and conditions from the planned experiment under consideration. This report describes how such settings can be chosen in an optimal way to get even better values for the mentioned generalized variance.

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Petershausen, 24.05.2017

camLine and Asprova announce their partnership



camLine GmbH and Asprova AG develop and distribute own software (SW) for industrial manufacturing. Both companies were founded in the 1990s. They since have established themselves, independently in various high-tech industries. Now in 2017, they took the decision to continue with a strategic cooperation.

For their future collaboration, both software companies share several conditions. Their products are used worldwide, especially in the markets of Asia, Europe, and North America. Both focus on manufacturing with particular challenges regarding production organization and demanding business logic. Included are very flexible concepts for the detailed mapping of all production processes. Furthermore, there are promising capabilities for the integration of entire supply chains.

Cooperation enables MES with even greater scope of services

Through the collaboration, a sophisticated Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is being presented on the market that uniquely covers the three fundamental pillars of a MES with respect to ISA-95 standard:

  • Definition of products and manufacturing processes
  • Production scheduling
  • Manufacturing execution
Demand for integrable MES continues to rise

With regard to the key initiative Industry 4.0, complex, flexible, communication-capable cyber-physical systems (CPS) are increasingly being used in the shop floors as production equipment. They enable the intensive exchange of information between themselves and the superordinate levels organizing the productions. These layers manage the orchestration of all manufacturing operations. They are responsible for the economic manufacturing of industrial products.

As a result of the intensified networking, accordingly the need for effective SW-based infrastructure solutions is increasing. Manufacturing SW can make its strengths even more effective in view of the quantitatively and qualitatively improved provision of information made available from the shop floors. Mr. Bernhard Jofer, VP of camLine GmbH, confirms: "We recognize a growing demand for MES solutions with integrated advanced scheduling. The capabilities of Asprova APS for advanced scheduling address also manufacturers who already use an ERP, i.e. SAP, for their planning. The external scheduling module perfectly complements our in-house modules of the LineWorks-Suite." The easy integration of the systems, the extremely powerful scheduling functions, and the very fast execution speeds allow integrating entire supply chains with powerful solutions.

Adaptable and scalable through a modular approach

camLine's MES solutions are based on a compact and modular approach. The core modules focus on

  • Quality assurance
  • Process integrity
  • Manufacturing execution
  • Equipment efficiency (OEE)

They can be implemented, independently of each other. In addition, the combination with MES from third-party vendors is also possible. The goal is to actively control all production processes down to the detail in the sense of quickly detect, react, and implement.

The execution component provides seamless traceability with tracking and tracing. It also allows the organization and provision of data by defining products and production processes. Due to the modular approach, the granular mapping of vertical integration is possible at high data throughput with real-time applications. As high-availability systems, they are designed to be used 24/7 allowing the collection of current data in large-scale productions.

Mr. Keiji Fujii, Managing Director of the German subsidiary of Asprova AG, says: "The simple integration of our APS SW solution into the existing individual IT structure is a requirement that we have placed great emphasis on from the outset. With camLine's MES solutions, we get production data almost in real-time, in high quality, and in a degree of detail exactly as required by Asprova for advanced planning."

Multi-level optimization to minimize throughput times

Asprova APS is used by numerous well-known Japanese top-lean companies (market share: 59%). The standard software meets a wide range of specific requirements for the advanced scheduling of discrete and process-oriented production. All necessary resources (with their individual specifications and restrictions), as well as their limited capacities and availability, are incorporated into the calculations. Material availability is always considered. Thanks to ingenious, individually adjustable multi-level planning logic, optimal sequence planning is achieved. Results with Asprova:

  • Minimized throughput times
  • Increase in delivery reliability
  • Optimized sequence planning with respect to set-up times
  • Reduction and optimization of inventory
  • High flexibility with regard to changes

Each resource gets reliable work instructions. The rapid simulation, the dynamic rescheduling, and the front-loading system provide a holistic overview of scheduling, order status, and inventory for the planner with an eye to the future.

MES and more with APS
Petershausen, 24.04.2017

camLine introduces Cornerstone version 7 into the market


camLine GmbH, developer of software solutions for manufacturing focusing on manufacturing excellence, is launching Cornerstone version 7. The easy-to-use, compact, and fast Design of Experiment and data analysis software for engineers comes with various new functions and analysis capabilities. Plus the software presents itself in a completely revised look. The methods offered are even more easily accessible. The development for more than 25 years in the field of software for applied statistics is mirrored in a uniquely efficient approach. The capability spectrum ranges from analytics application areas such as engineering statistics, experimental planning (DoE) to explorative data analysis.

In addition to the improved user guidance through custom and dockable tool and icon bars, new and redesigned menus, the new version makes a sweet spot plot available for regression analyses which simplifies the evaluation and optimization of records with many response variables. Besides that, constraints have been introduced for the Response vs. Predictor graphs. The export features were expanded for Microsoft Office Word and PowerPoint including templating. This makes reporting much easier. Engineers are now saving even more time, not just for their customized reports, but also for automated batch report tasks.

Find more information about Cornerstone Version 7 here:

Cornerstone 7
21st of March 2017

camLine GmbH publishes new Cornerstone Use Case example -- Optimizing Factors in Experimental Design

The Use Case example shows how to use Cornerstone’s DoE module and regression to perform an optimization on a factor.

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14th of March 2017

camLine GmbH publishes new LineWorks RM Whitepaper -- Modeling Concepts to Sustain the Growing Complexity in Recipe Management Systems

Exploration of the challenges a recipe management system faces in the current manufacturing context.

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Dresden, 21.02.2017

camLine wins bid for B. Braun's dialyzer factory in Wilsdruff, Germany


camLine has signed contracts with B. Braun for the delivery of their InFrame Synapse MES. In Wilsdruff, Germnay, B. Braun Medical AG is building Europe's most modern production facility for dialyzers for the blood treatment of chronic kidney patients. camLine will support the production of dialysers for blood washing high quality.

B. Braun is one of the leading manufacturers of medical technology and pharmaceutical products and services, worldwide. Each service provided by B. Braun embodies the entire expertise, the deep understanding of the company for the needs of the users and comprehensive expertise since 1839. With a constantly growing portfolio of effective solutions for medical care, B. Braun makes a significant contribution to worldwide protect and improve the health of people. The product range comprises more than 5,000 products, 95% of which are produced in-house. Through complementary services and consulting services, B. Braun is a system provider that develops effective solutions and directional standards for the health care system in constructive exchange with users and partners. B. Braun thus makes an important contribution to medical progress and improve the quality of life of patients worldwide.

Click here for more Infos on InFrame Synapse MES

Logo BBraun

New dates for Cornerstone- and DoE trainings


The team of would like to invite you to well-founded trainings for the effective usage of statistics in the technical area.

Current dates:
13th and 14th of March 2017       Training course:  „Grundlagen Cornerstone“
15th till 17th of March 2017          Training course: „Statistische Versuchsplanung (DoE)“

20th and 21st of November 2017  Training course:  „Grundlagen Cornerstone“
22nd till 24th of November 2017   Training course:  „Statistische Versuchsplanung (DoE)“

Location: camLine GmbH, Petershausen

Register now on the page!

Target groups:
The seminar with exercises is aimed at technicians, laboratory technicians, engineers and scientists who want to use their resources optimally for experiments and develop their skills in basic statistics.

To the course content:
Design of Experiment (DoE) supports engineers in the development of new products. They save trials and experiments or require less effort for necessary simulations. The best way to achieve this is to include the methods of DoE in the workflow of your projects as early as possible.

Cornerstone is a PC application for data analysis and DoE for engineers. The software combines powerful data analysis techniques with an intuitive user interface. Cornerstone has been updated with new functions with the current Version 6.1 of camLine.

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Dresden, 25.10.2016

camLine wins MES bid for CTF Solar’s CdTe facility in Chengdu, China


camLine has signed its second deal with China National Building Materials (CNBM) to deliver its InFrame Synapse MES solution. This time InFrame Synapse MES will be supporting a high quality production of CNBM’s own CdTe thin-film PV modules in the CTF Solar factory in Sichuan province (China).

CNBM is a state-owned enterprise that has recently announced plans to build PV module factories in China with more than 15 GW of annual production capacity. Born as a building materials company, CNBM in 2011 acquired German cadmium telluride (CdTe) technology provider CTF Solar, which brings its expertise to the Chengdu CdTe fab.

camLine is one of the leading manufacturing software solution providers with various references in PV module manufacturing worldwide. CNBM’s new factory being build right now in Anhui province (China) will also be using camLine’s InFrame Synapse MES, which - amongst other reasons - also has had a positive influence on winning the MES bid for camLine.

CTF Solar
Petershausen, 12.10.2016

Whitepaper: Successful plant level CAPA deployment


CAPA – or Corrective and Preventive Actions is a widely used business concept across all industries. It is a central concept of ISO standards and good manufacturing practices. The CAPA process essentially describe a set of steps undertaken to improve work processes and minimize risk as well as mitigating the occurrence and recurrence of non-conformances. It can drive dramatic improvements in product compliance. In high-tech industries and specifically in semiconductor related manufacturing, all processes have to be under control. Therefore, CAPA is referred to as OCAP - or Out of Control Action Plan. It describes shop floor level guiding rules to be observed if product non-conformance is detected or excursion (when a process or a tool shifts out of control or specification limits) occurs. Operators, technicians, and engineers will then systematically collect and follow OCAP on re-occurrence typically starting with a root cause analysis.

This whitepaper introduces the challenges, the requirements, and a solution approach to drastically reduce OCAP execution time by up to 300\% and to shorten tool down time associated with OCAP by a factor of two having automated OCAP steps, designing new OCAPs, and rolling them out to production within one day.

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Whitepaper plant level CAPA
Dresden, 15.09.2016

User Group Meeting for Cornerstone



The Cornerstone User Group Meeting consisted of two parts. Two applications, inside an LED production and from solar research, demonstrated the breadth of use of Cornerstone. For production and R&D, Cornerstone is a powerful tool for engineering statistics, in particular in the fields of Manufacturing Analytics, Design of Experiments, and Regression.

In the second part, new features of Cornerstone Version 6.1 were presented. The outlook on the roadmap of the Version 7 completed the event. The attendees were asked for their voting which future features would be important to suit their needs.

Cornerstone User Group Meeting
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Dresden, 15.09.2016

User Group Meeting for LineWorks SPACE



The User Group Meeting to LineWorks SPACE took place also for the first time in Dresden, on the day after the camLine forum. From a user perspective, it was presented first how all SPC activities of an operation can be monitored and directed holistically at the business level. This "bird's eye view" on SPC considerably differs from the common understanding of SPC as the method of choice to statistically control the manufacturing processes. Highly available online reports are in use in a scorecard-like figure, representing the overall improvement process of all operations with drill-down capabilities to important details. If necessary, these can be used to allow rapid intervention. In addition, the participants could follow a presentation that summarized a personal review about the long-term usage of LineWorks SPACE.

The second topic of the User Group Meeting was devoted to the future development of the product LineWorks SPACE. The attendees learned about the roadmap of Version 7.2 and received an outlook of the feature list for the upcoming Release 8. The participants got the chance to prioritize future features according to their needs.

SPACE User Group Meeting
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Dresden, 14.09.2016

camLine forum 2016



The camLine forum 2016 was held for the first time in Dresden. The event focused on IT-based development and production delivering highly relevant application examples which were presented by camLine customers themselves. Highlights of the day were the following topics:

OCAP (Out-of-Control Action Plan) Execution

  • Targeted and documented implementation of corrective action plans (who must do what when) if unexpected process excursions occur

Industry 4.0

  • Standardization of business processes
  • Transformation of data into information in R&D and production
  • Reduced time-to-market

Infrastructure solutions as Web Services

  • Software architectures, e.g. cloud, fog
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)

SMEs' entry into digital manufacturing

Software solutions for quality assurance on the supply chain

The participants of the well-attended forum came from organizations in Europe, Asia, and North America. Worth mentioning was the great mixture of various industries with universities. The forum offered an interesting atmosphere to share experiences and ample networking opportunities which was well supported by the Hilton Dresden.

camLine forum 2016
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Petershausen, 05.09.2016

camLine wins MES bid for CNBM’s 300 MW CIGS thin-film factory in Anhui, China


camLine has signed a deal with China National Building Materials (CNBM) to deliver its InFrame Synapse MES solution to CNBM, supporting a high quality production of CNBM’s own CIGS thin-film PV modules in Anhui (China).

CNBM is a state-owned enterprise that has recently announced plans to build PV module factories in China with more than 15 GW of annual production capacity. Born as a building materials company, CNBM in 2014 acquired German CIGS manufacturer AVANCIS, which has brought its expertise to the Anhui CIGS fab, which will cover a total of 55,000 square meters once first phase is completed in 2017.

camLine is one of the leading manufacturing software solution providers with various references in PV module manufacturing worldwide. AVANCIS has been using camLine’s InFrame Synapse MES already for its CIGS thin-film factory in Torgau (Germany), which – amongst other reasons – also has had a positive influence on winning the MES bid for camLine.

Eventually, CNBM hopes to expand its CIGS production facility in Anhui to 1.5 GW of capacity.