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Bertrand Loy, CEO, Entegris

Enterprise MES

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) denotes the Ground Zero of a new age, which will cause global changes due to technological innovations. This change reveals unimagined economic opportunities. It will form existing branches or even create new industries. In future as technology, new cyber-physical systems (CPS) will be available, which are promoted by the German "Industry 4.0" program. Equipped with small sensors and actuators, CPS are networks of computers that will be integrated into materials, objects, equipment, and machine parts as so-called "embedded systems" jointly communicating via the internet. From these smart systems, so-called "Embedded MES" (Manufacturing Execution Systems) can be built, which are equipped with high intelligence and act far more autonomous in comparison to today's automation.

But how is all that related to an Enterprise MES made by camLine?

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Manufacturing Analytics

With Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), manufacturing analytics comes on a very large scale

Already today, the competitive edge is determined by the targeted and timely procurement of valuable information from gigantic large and distributed data sources. This fact applies especially for the production with its distributed organizations and dynamic supplier networks. How can you win this race in the “data universe”? Would you as an entrepreneur have a chance? The answer is: Yes. Manufacturing Analytics is the favored approach here so that in future, organizations of all sizes will get hold of information they need in order to survive in the global competition.

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Solution Provider

Global Solution Provider

camLine products, services and solutions are recognized as first-tier in high-tech manufacturing. There is an underlying reason for this; one that, in itself, is imperceptible, but permeates every aspect of every solution the camLine team delivers. It is know-how; the culmination of consciously and patiently developing the right blend of products, first-team services, a creative and intelligent team that supports and functions as one, and management leadership that oversees and sustains the continuity of threads of expectations and excellence.

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Increasing product variety drives increasing complexity in manufacturing processes. In turn, increasingly powerful IT systems are required to guarantee the highest levels of production security, while also ensuring continuous traceability.

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Streamlining Technology Development

Solution to faster and more cost effective R&D

In the current economic climate it is becoming increasingly important to reduce the cost of development and improve the time to market of new products. This is especially true for knowledge intensive high-tech businesses, such as the semiconductors, MEMS and photovoltaic industries. camLine offers software and services that form a complete solution enabling organizations to leverage their existing knowledge, to optimize their R&D workflow and to develop their manufacturing processes faster and at lower cost. Through tight integration with the solutions for operations efficiency (MES, SPC, OEE, …) the transition from R&D to volume manufacturing can be made much faster and more seamless.

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C-Parts Management in the Cloud

With the supply management of C-parts in the cloud, camLine presents a new and innovative solution that is already being in use by two screw manufacturers to monitor their Kanban supply cycles. As business logic has been commonly found so far in locally implemented infrastructure solutions only, camLine now offers this as a powerful cloud service, more specifically as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The advantages are obvious and address on the one part cost-effectiveness and, on the other, significant time savings during commissioning.

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LineWorks — Modules for high-volume Manufacturing

What is the unique LineWorks approach to your requirements? Each LineWorks solution is tailored to your needs in accordance to camLine's mission statement with short development cycles, in your language, and proven quality.

LineWorks is a suite of independent software modules, which enable you to fulfill your business objectives in manufacturing. Let camLine design the right module bundle for your shop floor. You can profit from camLine advisory and more than 30 years of experience in the manufacturing IT business.  

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Entrance into IT-based Manufacturing for SME

Highest manufacturing performance together with outstanding quality and fastest innovations play a central role for manufacturers.

With InFrame Synapse, camLine offers a product family that copes with these challenges in an ideal way by offering a powerful software platform to completely manage, monitor, integrate, and control high-tech production lines and equipment for small and medium enterprises (SME).

Your benefits:

  • Fastest time to production ramp-up

    • Optimization of line logistics and equipment interfaces
    • Out-of-the-box configurable equipment interfaces

  • Best class yield

    • Comprehensive recording of process data
    • Powerful analysis and diagnosis tools to increase quality

  • Guaranteed compliance

    • Complete tracking and tracing
    • Highest availability and reliability

  • Lowest operation cost

    • Optimized cycle times and throughput
    • Minimized work in progress (WIP)
    • Real-time monitoring and control

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InFrame Synapse MES
InFrame Synapse MES mini
InFrame Synapse Equipment Connector

Streamlining Technology Development

Seamless connection between R&D and Manufacturing

The XperiDesk Suite applies the principles of Enterprise Information Management (EIM) and Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) to the field of R&D for high-tech manufacturing processes (e.g., semiconductor, MEMS, photovoltaic, nano-particles). It can be considered to be a special blend of bottom-up Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and R&D oriented Manufacturing Execution System (MES), also understood as Process Development Execution System (PDES).

XperiDesk can expedite your R&D with flexible software including:

  • Next generation recipe and DoE management
  • Virtual manufacturing management
  • Automated data collection from various sources
  • Experimental data management, analysis and extraction

XperiDesk provides a faster and more cost-effective development through structuring and optimizing the complete R&D workflow.

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DoE, explorative Datenanalyse, Six Sigma

Data analysis software designed for engineers

You will have the power to optimize processes and uncover correlations in your data. Contribute with technical methods to the success of your business, in manufacturing, R&D, quality assurance, or others.

Cornerstone combines powerful state-of-the-art data analysis techniques with a highly intuitive user interface. It is especially designed for the level of typical engineering tasks. Work with Cornerstone to simplify the identification of potential process cost savings!

An ingenious set of smart statistical analysis tools gives Cornerstone its unmatched efficiency. Enjoy this complete environment for exploratory data analysis (EDA), model building, and experimental design (DoE)!

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Customers' challenges:
Noticeable decline in efficiency of newly produced solar modules resulting in product price decrease

Solution approach:
Analyze the correlations between MES data and resulting module efficiency data and extract the key driving factors; in a statistical process control (SPC) solution setup control charts on the KPIs's found

Deliverables of camLine's software solution:

  • New interface to customer's Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
  • Explorative data analyses engine to correlate critical factors
  • Advanced SPC engine to detect violations and react in real-time

Customers' result:

  • Improvement of modules' power (Pmax) by more than 4 %
  • Increase of the individual product selling price
  • ROI 4x in one year

Customers' challenges:
Manual selection of recipes and paper-based documentation caused faulty processing

Solution approach:
Implementation of a state-of-the-art MES in combination with a Recipe Management System (RMS)

Deliverables of camLine's software solutions:

  • Dispatching system with electronic recipe record
  • Shop floor integration
  • Recipe management system

Customers' results:

  • Significant reduction in production failures
  • Production failures due to incorrect supply of recipes reduced to a minimum

Customers' challenges:
Traceability among distributed manufacturing sites was low and inconsistent due to different home-grown implementations

Solution approach:
Vision: One SAP system should feed localized MES systems producing identical traceability information for consistency

Deliverables of camLine's software solutions:

  • Traceability system that communicates with customer's ERP system
  • Material management system
  • Carrier management system

Customers' results:

  • Higher competitiveness due to the implementation of an intersite standardized solution

Customers' challenges:
Transition from R&D oriented line to volume manufacturing with full equipment integration and quality control

Solution approach:
Establish a scalable IT solution to replace the existing SCADA system and provide equipment integration, real time data collection and analyses, traceability, and quality management

Deliverables of camLine's software solutions:

  • Traceability system for complete documentation
  • Advanced SPC engine for continuous process improvements
  • Monitoring of equipment utilization and OEE time analyses
  • Shop floor integration

Customers' results:

  • Full control of the complete process flow and change process
  • Management of all product variants in an efficient way
  • Capacity increase for volume production
  • ROI 3x in one year

Customers' challenges:
Scaling up from a one-man company to several people working on a product development, the customer needed a software solution to keep track of the wafers, recipes, processes, and metrology data. The solution needs to allow several users to work on the process development and the transition from R&D to a production process without loss of flexibility needed in R&D, data, and knowledge. The customer needed to collect all the process steps performed on the wafers and all the analysis results together, in a way that would allow them to trace all data and group it according to different process settings and results to find the crucial process parameters.

Solution approach:
Implementation of the XperiDesk PDES to provide traceability, process planning and data collection. Especially the data collection from diverse measurement PCs (e.g. microscopy pictures) must be automated.

Deliverables of camLine's software solutions:

  • Implementation of a new Process Development Execution System
  • Keeping track of experiments and data analyses
  • Keeping track of documents in the context of the experiment data
  • Flexibility to implement new processes and process sequences on a daily basis
  • Attach documents and analyses at a later time, even after the process execution is finished

Customers' results:

  • Clear history of process development
  • All data analysis grouped clearly together
  • Wafers, data, recipes/processes, documents all linked together
  • Flexibility to keep track of new processes
  • Multiple ways to search and browse for data and documents

A corresponding success story you can find here »

  • "camLine increased our process integrity and reduced tool set-up times."

    Corporate IT Manufacturing Manager, ST Microelectronics
  • "We strongly believe this new program will help Entegris to achieve higher levels of performance and to position Entegris uniquely in the market."

    Vice President of Quality, EHS and Data Management for Entegris
  • "camLine provided a single fab wide OEE equipment report solution."

    Industrial engineering project manager, Bosch
  • "camLine has met and exceeded our expectations of an equipment automation vendor."

    CIM & Fab Automation Manager, International Rectifier
  • "camLine provided the most flexible MES allowing traceability of all our facilities around the world."

Management of C-Parts in the Cloud