Enhanced Cornerstone

Streamlining Workflows in Cornerstone

You will have the power to optimize processes and uncover correlations in your data. Contribute with technical methods to the success of your business, in manufacturing, R&D, quality assurance, or others.

Cornerstone combines powerful state-of-the-art data analysis techniques with a highly intuitive user interface. It is especially designed for the level of typical engineering tasks. Work with Cornerstone to simplify the identification of potential process cost savings!

An ingenious set of smart statistical analysis tools gives Cornerstone its unmatched efficiency. Enjoy this complete environment for exploratory data analysis (EDA), model building, and experimental design (DoE)!

Enhanced Cornerstone


  • Enhanced data handling features
  • Enhanced object handling
    Reports, windows handling
  • Faster creation of many graphs
    Graphic gallery, probability plot matrix
  • Further statistical analysis
    (Auto-)correlation, non linear regression, sample size
  • Faster regression analysis
    Automated flow, points near prediction, model export

Highlights Release 2.0:

  • Wafermap Gallery
  • MANOVA Means Matrix Graph
  • PCA Loadings Matrix Graph
  • Summary Box Plots

and more…

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