InFrame Synapes MES mini

Complete data collection at a surprisingly low price. It is modular, scalable, and tailored. It scales with your needs and your production.

The InFrame Synapse MES mini can grow with your requirements. It can be scaled to a mature InFrame Synapse MES if needed. As an easily embedded solution for your Tracking and Tracing needs, the InFrame Synapse MES mini certainly is a worthwhile investment.


  • Unbox, collect data, and optimize
  • Production and process data acquisition, direct entry in tracking & tracing
  • Simple analysis via reporting
  • Simple add further equipment and work plans
  • Modular functional concept – simple add further functions
  • Cost-effective solution, rapid integration
  • Create your own reports

Immediate Return on Investment

Small and medium-sized manufacturers benefit from a production, which is consistently IT-based to be controllable and schedulable. In the past, the introduction and maintenance of such Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) have been associated with great effort. With InFrame Synapse MES mini, camLine presents a lean, cost-effective, and easy to install solution. This allows SMEs the transparent and process-oriented view onto their production. Production data are processed and available for further process optimization.

Lean manufacturing

Through the use of powerful Manufacturing Execution Systems, manufacturing processes of high volume productions can be analyzed, controlled, and managed in detail. Even in small-sized manufacturing, machine and process data are collected, e. g. utilization, error messages, deadlock and maintenance times. As long as these data only relate to individual machines, the view on the overall process is blocked and optimization potentials remain invisible.

Couldn’t it be easier?

Mature high-volume Manufacturing Execution Systems, such as camLine already implemented in the semiconductor and photovoltaic productions, represent complex processes of large environments. You could raise your control manual via semi-automated processes to full automation.

But if your business considers data collection and analysis to be most important, a mature high-volume MES would be too complex and expensive. camLine had these thoughts in mind and came out with InFrame Synapse MES mini which is a “stripped down” MES for SMEs and their entry into the IT-based process optimization. This version is simply a Manufacturing Execution System without the “Execution”. Nevertheless, the InFrame Synapse MES mini offers complete production and process data collection, plus a cost-effective entry into productive tracking and tracing.

A „File Sniffer“ for csv-files

Almost all machines today offer the possibility to output data in csv format. In these files, all kind of information for process analysis can be recorded: process time, process parameter, product ID, recipe, time stamp, utilization, uptime, downtime, alarms, etc.

The Synapse MES mini file sniffer fetches the stored files from these machines, periodically. Input mapping and data collection setup ensure complete data capture or traceability, i. e. configuration of manual work steps or quality control jobs. These can then be created without any programming skills.

InFrame Synapse MES mini

Product liability constantly in control

This is particularly true with respect to traceability and product liability. Without a view on the overall process, it cannot be resolved for sure, which components and process parameters were used by which employees to manufacture a certain product.

Visualize data using reports

The data analysis capabilities of the InFrame Synapse MES mini are the same as the mature InFrame Synapse MES. Therefore, SMEs have the same opportunities to evaluate machine data for process analysis and optimization. Access to the data is provided through a browser interface. Exports of results are possible to popular file formats like PDF, Excel, etc.

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