LineWorks Suite

What is unique about the LineWorks approach?

Each LineWorks solution is tailored to your needs in accordance to camLine's mission statement with short development cycles, in your language, and proven quality.

LineWorks is a suite of independent software modules, which enable you to fulfill your business objectives in manufacturing. Let camLine design the right module bundle for your shop floor. You can profit from camLine know-how and many years of experience in the manufacturing IT business.

LineWorks Highlights:

  • Ultimate data rates and data volumes (FAST DATA)
  • Independent Manufacturing Data Warehouse
  • Quality assurance in manufacturing and on the supply chain
  • Kernel for Digital Manufacturing
  • Excellent level of detail for vertical integration
Quality Assurance

MES modules for quality assurance

Quality assurance in manufacturing operations covers several policies and systematic activities. They start with Quality of Supplier (QoS) management where detailed supplier risk assessments ensure proper and continuous material supply. At the borders of the organization the quality assurance includes detailed monitoring and statistical analysis of quality data of incoming (SQM) and outgoing materials (CQM) even before receiving / sending a shipment from / to the supply chain. Inside the own organization the focus is set on monitoring of every manufacturing step via online Statistical Process Control (SPC). Automatic production stops provide resolving identified out of control situations via applying best practice electronic out of Control Action Plans (eCAP) and proper rework activities.

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Process Integrity

MES modules to obtain process integrity

Process integrity is not a goal in itself. It aims to serve the interests of your organization to improve productivity and effectiveness by measures that (1) reduce the number of recipes in your system, (2) dramatically cut recipe set-up cycles to assist your ongoing optimization needs, and (3) implement electronic corrective actions and response control flows.

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Production Logistics

MES modules for production logistics

Production logistics provides the means to achieve customer response and capital efficiency. Viewed from a high-level perspective, production logistics is there to ensure that each equipment in your shop floor is being fed with the right goods in the right quantity and quality at the right point in time. The issue is not the transportation itself, but to streamline and control the flow of materials and goods through the value adding processes and eliminate non-value adding ones.

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MES modules to monitor equipment efficiency (OEE)

Equipment Efficiency is your capability to use your facilities in the most effective way to deliver your products in the most cost-effective manner possible while still ensuring the high quality of your products, services, and support. In order to attain efficiency, you need to maximize effectiveness and minimize redundancy and waste while optimizing machine utilization. The reduced internal costs that result from operational efficiency enable you to achieve higher profit margins or be more competitive. camLine has solutions at hand that help you understand, mitigate, or even eradicate the underlying issues that affect plant availability or utilization caused by un-planned production stoppages, production slowdowns or sporadic drops in quality.

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Monitoring & Reporting

MES Modules for monitoring & reporting

Monitoring and reporting provides the right visibility into your organization and locations to make sure you know yourself best, know how to outdo yourself tomorrow, and know how you can secure your success sustainably.

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MES module for equipment integration

Strictly, equipment integration is a prerequisite to achieve the stated business objectives. camLine provides several strategies to improve the communication with your shop floor. The generic approaches are particularly helpful, to connect a heterogeneous system landscape, efficiently.

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