LineWorks MaiMa

Maintenance Manager (MaiMa)

LineWorks MaiMa expands LineWorks PULSE with a central management to maintain your shop floor on a regular basis. In order to avoid unplanned downtimes the maintenance team is informed early about upcoming maintenance tasks. These services are entered in a calendar for planning and support the execution of electronic workflows, e.g. to document the times needed and the material consumption. This ensures that the services remain in line with the given dates, individual maintenance steps are performed in the right order, and all ongoing activities are documented for evidence.

In the end you will benefit from the fact that …

  • you remain provenly conform with your quality system and
  • you can better meet your agreed delivery times.


  • Schedule maintenance tasks
  • Execute maintenance with full traceability
  • Pictures and documents are available on request
  • To Do handling and comments in addition to maintenance tasks
  • Integration with LineWorks PULSE to change equipment status
  • Integration with LineWorks SPACE for equipment re-qualification after maintenance

Highlights of Release 1.1:

  • Show violation warnings when saving data
  • Enter/upload data with multiple raw values per sample
  • New Options how to treat previous samples