LineWorks ECoFrame

Efficient way to connect to equipment

LineWorks ECoFrame (Equipment Connection Framework) offers an efficient way to connect to equipment including equipment data collection, data routing, and remote equipment control with respect to the existing capabilities of the equipment interface. The communication guarantees maximum data quality and detail. ECoFrame allows process data, alarms or events to be routed to other  LineWorks modules and / or third-party solutions. The interface of ECoFrame supports international communication standard protocols, e.g. SECS/GEM, PROFIBUS, OPC.

Key Features:

  • Broad range of equipment connections via SECS, HSMS, OPC, Profibus OPC, CORBA, Digital I/O or other technologies
  • Controlling and driving equipment actions
  • Enabling alarms, event reports, or process data logging
  • Configurable data routing of alarms, events or process data to other LineWorks modules or third party solutions
  • Recipe download, upload, or select
  • Optional equipment control
  • SEC (Statistical Equipment Control) in combination with LineWorks SPACE or other SPC systems
  • Monitoring equipment throughput and OEE via LineWorks PULSE
  • Integrated database for Process Data Collection (PDC)
  • Web based reporting with LineWorks iGate for collected PDC data
  • Extending the equipment interface by an operator screen


  • Cost reduction
  • Administration instead of programming
  • Integated interfaces to MES components
  • Integrated process data collection (PDC)
  • Integrated business rules according to the SECS/GEM-SEMI standard
  • Other communication protocols are supported

Highlights of Release 2.2.0:

  • SPACE Parameter can contain statistical data  from equipment
  • Implemented PU Mapping
  • Added Support for LineWorks MPM
  • Search function for equipments implemented