LineWorks RM

Provide the overall and clear evidence of entire manufacturing processes for Industry 4.0

The apex solution for your organization’s recipe management needs: Dramatic productivity improvements are the common denominator of LineWorks RM functionality.

LineWorks RM is a significantly advanced recipe management system developed specifically for process-oriented industries that require the ability to optimize the real-time handling of recipes within high volume production environments.

Production process standards, such as ISA88 or SEMI, continue to evolve in scope, reflecting the increasing complexity and structures of recipes. To meet the current and future commercial application of recipe needs, traditional recipe management system design for recipes resembles a structure of monolithic black boxes, neither dynamic nor efficient.

LineWorks RM is the next generation product for recipe management systems that transcends the state of black box technology by eliminating the dependence on physical files stored on equipment. With full confidence, you can have the ability to meet your current and unforeseen future recipe needs, of course, dynamically and efficiently. With LineWorks RM you will realize robust online control, transparency and traceability to any level of adjustment parameters within each recipe. Each object of a recipe structure can have its own life cycle management, template-based recipes, versioning, approval management and recipe transfer without losing reference and traceability to the embedded context for each manufacturing execution.  Furthermore, it does not matter if a recipe has been assigned to Production, Process Engineering or Research & Development (R&D), your organization will realize the same uncompromised level of security and control, including Intellectual Property (IP) protection for all product definitions.


Upgrade now to LineWorks RM Release 6.2


LineWorks RM version 6.2 introduces advanced features in the area of parameters and recipe body management, recipe object visualization, and validation, as well as improvements of the user interface.

With the newly introduced parameter tags and options, you can classify parameters based on their usage. Additionally, it is possible to store parameter options at parameter level. These options are name-value pairs (additional data) stored per parameter. It encapsulates user-defined flags / options that are further interpreted by your euqipment integration.

Customer specific validation rules can be defined in the recipe object validators. Via the recipe object templates it is possible to enable the validations in a controlled manner. This ensures a gradual deployment of the new validations.

The new version offers a flexible and consistent user interface to setup the custom recipe object and recipe body visualizations.

You will benefit from the single sign-on capabilities of the improved user interface.

The administration of the users and notifications are consolidated into a unified web-based user interface (WebUI).

Need advice on the new version 6.2?

RM as solution:

LineWorks RM is the recipe management solution for you to securely integrate, coordinate and perform all of these tasks fluidly with increased productivity. LineWorks RM supports recipes with a generic management methodology that precludes dependence on physical files stored on individual pieces of equipment. Simple. Elegant.

Highlights of Release 6.2:

  • Improved parameter management

    • Recipe parameter tags and options
    • Default limits

  • Further customization of recipe parsing, validation and visualization

    • Recipe body custom pre-processors
    • Enabke custom validators in ROBDEF
    • Management of recipe visualization files

  • Usability

    • Single sign-on
    • NFM- and UA-administration in WebUI

Recipe management system:

LineWorks RM

Continuous improvement

LineWorks RM offers functionality for continuous improvement for companies, all of which have in common a seemingly constant need to adapt and optimize their production processes to meet challenges of accelerating technologies and the increasing number of product mixes, compounded by reduced recipe life.

An example of LineWorks RM optimization is its inherent functionality to reduce the number of recipes in your system and dramatically cut recipe set-up cycles to assist your ongoing optimization needs.

No production downtime

Converting to LineWorks RM does not necessitate that you incur any production downtime.  By leveraging LineWorks RM with a migration solution from camLine, you can be assured that no production downtime will occur.

LineWorks RM is the next generation recipe management system. Through seamless conversion with no-impact to your production output, LineWorks RM will be your new uncompromising standard.

Approval Manager (APM)

LineWorks RM uses notification management to broadcast recipe modifications to all responsible engineers and managers for starting the approval cycle.


  • Via email or pager
  • Templates for notification
  • Notification of boards and users


  • Multi level approval
  • All or any of an approval board can decide
  • Show reason for changes
  • Show differences between new version and previous version
  • Users of a board can vote and commend
  • Web based approval mechanism
  • Approval page could be adapted on project needs

Recipe Object Structure Interpreter (ROSI)

ROSI provides process engineers with the capabilities to define a structure enabling Recipe Management to decode the recipe.


  • Decoding of text, formatted text and binary
  • Graphical GUI to view recipes
  • Support to interpret the complete or parts of a recipe
  • Free definable structure which can be used to compare recipes during runtime
  • Independent tool
  • Support of SMART COMPARE scenario reduce tool set up time
  • Support of parameter limits to minimize setup work

Recipe Management as challenge

A recipe is the necessary set of information that uniquely indentifies the production requirements for each specific product. Recipes, by existing convention, are stored and maintained as physical files directly on vendor equipment. These files are comprised of an extensive compilation of detailed equipment adjustment parameters that defines each recipe’s content, which in turn are tailored to an individual equipment type that is composed of deeply-nested custom structures. Each equipment vendor generally specifies a proprietary syntax and convention for users to interpret and perform edit functions. 

Given the large number of diversified equipment types required for various manufacturing operations, the task of organizing and establishing a voluminous number of recipes can be daunting. In manufacturing context, this presents the ultimate operation challenge: to create, modify, document, manage and protect product definitions.

RM User Group Meeting 2015

November 3, 2015
"Process Integrity on the fast lane with Recipe Management"
@ STMicroelectronics, 850 rue Jean Monnet, ZI du Pré Roux 38920
Crolles, France

On November 3, 2015, the Recipe Management User Group Meeting 2015 (RM UGM 2015) was held in Crolles, France. This full-day event was free of charge. Experts from the industry presented concrete applications and use-cases. In addition, the attendees were able to learn about current and new features of LineWorks RM of versions 5 and 6 and to exchange ideas. All attendees had the opportunity to participate in a round of voting to prioritize future product enhancements according to their expectations.

For the RM UGM 2015, STMicroelectronics was so kind to host the event on its site in Crolles. Finally, all participants were invited to visit the production of the company Soitec. On behalf of all participants, a thank you for hosting and guiding!

You can download the agenda of the RM UGM 2015 from this page at the bottom.

RM UGM 2015 in Crolles, France

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