LineWorks MaMa

Material Management

LineWorks MaMa provides tracking and monitoring of materials that are in stock. For the value chain, LineWorks MaMa allows the management of semi-finished or finished products, consumables, and durables.

LineWorks MaMa offers a complete solution to manage the stock of materials. Important operations are:

  • Complete traceability of products and materials in connection with LineWorks WIP
  • Define, add, and/or remove materials on stock
  • Provide and manage stock information
  • Reserve / unreserve material
  • Lock material
  • Optional: Show material location (on stock, in production, etc.)


  • Capture and provision of production master data for various materials
  • Inventory management
  • Check in and check out stocks
  • Handling of containers and transport units used
  • Information on and requirements for inventories
  • Lock material
  • Blocking, approval, and restricted approval of suppliers

Highlights of Release 1.9:

  • Add attachments to stock objects such as materials, containers, etc.
  • Cross-check between reservation concepts (booking of materials, containers, etc.)
  • Improved options for information retrieval