"We did that before, but I don’t know where to find the results… do you have any idea how often I heard that? With XperiLink, all experiments AND their context are recorded and tracked. That’s just a time saver!”

Experiment Management, Tracking, and Historian

Are you tired of:

  • Mundane data management tasks?
  • Incomplete and inconsistent data for analyses?
  • Data in different non searchable formats and silos?
  • Spending hours to rearrange data for statistical assessment and reports?

XperiLink is an information management environment that provides you with the ability to establish and investigate relationships between all your data. This is the bedrock for creative thinking and next generation innovation. Who could have imagined experimental verification could be so efficient and exhilarating again? The XperiLink module of the XperiDesk suite has made this a reality.

We would like you to think of XperiLink as the solution for your future experiment and knowledge management needs, but XperiLink also offers a solution to your current challenges in these areas. Together with the XperiDesk import clients, you can use XperiLink to look at your historical data in a new light and discover relations you were not able to see before.

XperiLink functionality leaves little to the imagination. From the simple generation of a consistent runcard, via Design of Experiment  (DoE) to tracking production in a prototype / small volume fabrication line, XperiLink supports the complete management of experimental information (structured, semi-structured and unstructured) including the management of all types of documents.

"I found a nice image with the desired result. But how was the wafer processed? Who did it and why? With the relation graph to answer those questions is a piece of cake, I just open it and see the COMPLETE context of the file!”


  • Audit compliant experiment documentation with complete version and change history
  • Improved development transparency, reuse and collaboration
  • Innovate and do not reinvent the wheel by re-learning previous knowledge



  • Use unmatched information management flexibility
  • Plan and track your development and experiments, including Design of Experiments (DoE)
  • Manage data for diverse entities you cope with on a daily basis, e. g., projects, experiments, lots, wafers, recipes, measurements
  • Manage all types of files and links
  • Manage relationships between any type of data object to keep the context of your experiments and use tags to give a meaning to the relations
  • Browse AND find your data using diverse points of view, e. g., project driven, lot driven by using comprehensive multiple criteria searches, filters and views, e. g., the configurable relation graph
  • Track data changes in a compliant way and compare versions of the history
  • Search, select and pre-process data to export to MS Office (PowerPoint, Excel, …), CSV, statistical software e.g. Cornerstone or selective, transferrable knowledge packages (e. g. process step libraries)
  • Protect your of IP with per item level access protection

Meta data and history of an experimental entity

A lot split and merge of a Design of Experiment


The semantic network of the data of an experiment

One-click report out of a network into a presentation

Modules contained in an XperiLink license: