XperiDesk SQL Import Client

You have multiple SQL based databases to collect your data in? You want to extract selective sets for analysis in a coherent way?

You are familiar with this situation:

  • The MES has the data for the processing
  • The Measurement group has its own database
  • QA uses other means to store its data
  • You spend hours to collect and merge this data for a report…

The XperiDesk SQL Import Client enables you to easily collect data from different SQL databases and merge all your development data into a central repository. The data is automatically linked to other results or data points in XperiLink. Parameter values become even aware of their unit. Together with the other tools of XperiDesk, it is able to solve many data management problems.

„Our MES contains the raw data of the experiments we do. However, this data is not linked to the other results. With the SQL Client we can now extract that data and relate it to all the images and documents we have for the experiment.”


  • Sophisticated data import using the full flexibility of SQL
  • Selection of data from query results by just naming the column
  • Formatting of results using regular expressions
  • Formalizing especially numeric parameters (with unit!)
  • Data can be related to any existing entity (lot, project, wafer, etc.) in XperiLink
  • Jobs can be run in batch mode and scheduled to be run regularly
  • New data can be merged, old data is kept in history
  • The XperiSIC is a separate client to the XperiDesk server such that data can be consolidated from diverse locations into a single server.

Interactions of the XperiSIC module with XperiLink and the other import modules: