Asset Performance Management in Production

Scalable Asset Performance Management provided by LineWorks MMS

Industrial plants are the assets of any manufacturing-driven company but—only if they are actually manufacturing. Efficient, condition-based predictive maintenance minimizes production downtime and maximizes OEE, precisely according to your strategy. The LineWorks MMS infrastructure solution provided by camLine guarantees the maximum uptime of connected production plants.

According to a study by the ARC Advisory Group, 80 percent of assets in production plants fail unplanned even though dedicated investment maintenance programmes have been deployed. LineWorks MMS (MMS: Machine Maintenance Solution) provided by camLine is a software-based infrastructure solution to overcome that dilemma. Event-driven, the production organization is fully engaged with regard to its maintenance tasks so that all resources match perfectly. The system orchestrates all necessary maintenance measures and monitors them to ensure precise controlling of the status of even the most complex networks of production facilities. The scalable high-availability solution enables scalable Asset Performance Management (APM) KPIs to be met:

  • In time and in budget

    • The implementation of the right measures at the right time is based on sophisticated trend analysis algorithms (high-performance data analytics).

  • All disciplines act in concert

    • The integrated workflow engine orchestrates multi-domain know-how with master data to implement the necessary maintenance measures as quickly as possible—making predictive maintenance an experience ("Operational Experience").

  • Direct perspective in real-time

    • Comprehensive reporting tools and intuitive dashboards turn your shopfloor into a transparent factory.

Predictive maintenance or prescriptive operations? Analysts still don’t really agree what the ideal solution is. With the innovative LineWorks MMS solution from camLine for maintenance management at its best, you are already on the right track. High-performance data analytics helps to further enrich the digital twin of the production facilities with current data. So, you are always on the safe side, making sure your investments actually achieve the specified return on investment.

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