QM for Semiconductor

LineWorks Quality Management for SEMI solution gives you, as a semiconductor manufacturer complete control over standards implementation, product quality, quality, and metrics verifictation. There are several add-on modules and chart plug-ins to help you customize the solution to your needs. Ultimately, it enables you to continuously improve the process quality of your entire value chain.

There are 3 key elements to the solution:



Premium Statistical Process Control (Advanced SPC):

Enables you to enrich classical Six Sigma concepts with advanced IT concepts to embed quality control into every step of the production process.

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Integrated recipe management:

Production recipes in the semiconductor industry have become increasingly complex in recent years. The result is an increased risk of faulty processing due to incorrect recipe naming, versions, content or equipment parameters. LineWorks RM delivers a universal Recipe Management System (RMS) that minimizes your risk by preventing these recipe errors and builds approval processes into your production process.

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Supplier quality control:

Subcontractors and suppliers are increasingly involved in adding value during the production process. So helping them ensure their products meet your quality standards makes good business sense. LineWorks enables you to apply electronic certificates of analysis (eCOA) to incoming materials before they are shipped, saving you and them time, effort and money.

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